☰ Captured by Little Hawk

About Paige

Paige “Little Hawk” Acevedo is a New York City based photographer specializing in headshots, portraits, weddings, and special events, as well as an accomplished actor, teaching artist, MC, & events curator. Paige creates compelling and dynamic photographs by combining her professional experiences in digital marketing, events, and theater with visual media capture. With a plethora of experience in the TV/ Film/ Theater industry, she recognizes the significance of capturing what best represents her client’s needs. Paige has a strong eye for digital story telling. Whether capturing moments to showcase University initiatives, or memories to share with your loved ones, you can count on Paige to capture the most compelling moments of your story for years to come.

“ Unless my clients are happy, I am not happy. I go above and beyond to capture each moment with honesty & integrity. ” -Paige

How I started:

I began shooting photography in 2015, as a communications specialist for St. John’s University, capturing university life. Between events like alumni reunions, spring carnivals, fundraising galas, and beyond, I got an immersive training experience while working for the Communications & Marketing team. I learned how to capture and pair imagery with story telling for post event recaps, capture dynamic imagery for fundraising initiatives, and collaborate with a diverse group of students, alumni, donors, VPs, and beyond. Over time, my role grew beyond in photographic services as I expanded into video capture. This would eventually lead me to co-produce four award winning commercials for the university.

Where I am now:

In 2018, I decided to pursue photography full time, and continue to work freelance to this day. As of 2022, I joined the photographer team at Bella Baby Photography, providing photography services for newborns to families who have just given birth within the hospital. Now I freelance events and special occasions.